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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  March 17, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> union bank offers unique insight and expertise in a range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> this is "gmt" on "bbc world news. he says that reconstruction after the quake will cost nearly $12 billion -- he -- haiti says that reconstruction after the quake will cost nearly $12 billion.
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the president of mexico calls for the united states to do their part in a violent drug travers. how far will people go to win a television game show? we will bring you the shocking reality. looking for mr. wright, the women of tokyo the back to school to learn how to catch a husband. hello, welcome to." -- welcome to "gmt." aid agencies have estimated they believe $11.5 billion to rebate -- rebuild haiti after the earthquake. we will examine the wisdom of the plan in a moment. first, the more urgent
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reconstruction project, the national penitentiary, it led to what many believe was the biggest jailbreak in history. we have reports on the consequences of this great escape. >> you can see why they took their chance to break out. there were nearly 400 prisoners in this single communal cells. floor space was so short they had to hang hammocks from the bars. in the chaos after the earthquake, the guards fled and the detainee is smashed and clamor their way out. >> the block needs rebuilding, the perimeter wall has to be put up properly so that prison officers can do their work safely. >> one of the escape routes was over a destroyed roof.
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a total of 5000 prisoners escaped, including from the national penitentiary. including several hundred of the most dangerous men in the country. >> so of them were from some of the most dangerous armed gangs, more like small armies. britain is one of several countries that haiti has approached for help. >> it is one of the largest escapes in recent history. in my experience of nearly over 30 years there has never been an escape of this magnitude. the impact on humanitarian aid will be harmed because of the escape. >> the police have captured only 200 of the 5000 fled.
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the earthquake caused instant tragedy and left a long legacy of fear. mark doyle, "bbc world news." >> in a few moments we will hear why haiti needs $11 billion that the government is asking for. with news of more protests in thailand, over to david. >> in queuthank you. the anti-government protesters have spilled their own blood on the walls of the prime minister's home. they are denouncing the administration that they say came to power illegitimately. many of them are supporters of the ousted leader. ridgell harvey is following the protests. >> they are dispersing.
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this man poured the blood that outside of the private revenants of the prime minister. he and his family have moved into another part of bangkok for their own safety. the demonstration was peaceful. the security forces have negotiated a process to move forward without more confrontation. and to try to get this traffic moving again, it has been gridlock for several hours. traffic policeman and security personnel are working together. the challenge for the red shirts now is how to keep the momentum going. a lot of people will have to go back to work. the government seems prepared to sit this out, waiting as long as
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the demonstrators remained peaceful. the red shirts are willing to wait for the government to stand down. >> news from you got up, the troops had shot dead one person as crowds of mourners blocked the president from visiting the scene of a fire that destroyed historic tombs in the gaza, of the burial site of four members of the yugo and the kingdom. relationships between them and the government have been tense since last year since they believe there was an attempt to weaken the power of the king. the head of the catholic church in ireland has apologized for not telling the police about a notorious pedophile priest.
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the pope is ready to make a statement on friday, saying that he hopes his letter will aid the process of repetitiveness and healing and renewal. a separatist group was behind the killing southeast of paris. the officer was killed as he and his patrol came under fire while trying to stop a speeding car. >> french police said they were called out after reports of a car being sold from a show room. at the scene they noticed two cars driving away from the lot at high speed. the police managed to pull over one of the drivers to check legislation. than a second car pulled up and the people inside opened fire, killing a policeman.
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the owner of a car lot has concerned that -- confirmed the cars were stolen. the police have detained one person. anti-terrorism police have been drafted to help with the investigation. the group has killed more than 800 people in the late 1960 -- since then late 1960's. they are seeking a separate state, and a senior leader of the armed separatist group was arrested in february. another suspected member was arrested this week. >> international relief supplies have begun to arrive in fiji, where they were struck by a powerful cyclone. a state of emergency is still in effect with gusts reaching up to 280 kilometers per hour. only one reported deaths so far,
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but wherever the cyclone hit the damage has deemed to have been overwhelming. four members of the rio to until mining staff -- trial for them will begin in july. they are accused of illegally obtaining commercial secrets. cartel oil production targets have agreed to be maintained. oil prices are going up, some are predicting further increases in the year ahead. half with that, back to you, george. >> the mexican president has called for the united states to share responsibility in the battle against drug traffickers in the country. his comments came after a one day visit to the border city
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where three people connected to the u.s. consulate were killed on saturday. >> protesters called for mexican troops to leave the city. three years ago they were deployed to break the narcotics gangs. thousands have died in the drug business is still thriving. their message was for the mexican president, making his third visit this year after an american was dead in a weekend shooting. he hinted at a policy change, but not a withdrawal. >> the origin of this problem is drug consumption in the united states. here in juarez we are trying to rescue the security, fighting for the whole country. this is why we are here. withdrawing troops will not
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solve the security problem. fighting the drug war in the area already cost the united states. they have given money to train judges. still, the killing continues. the murder of an american official within sight of the u.s. border is described by president obama as an outrage. more emphasis is now to be put on social issues. the poverty and corruption, and in areas under the influence of the drug trade. if >> 500,000 people have left the city. 25,000 abandoned homes. if they build more hospitals and schools, who will they before? of famous for cocaine and
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violence, the city waits to see where the next killing will be. "bbc world news." >> you are watching "gmt." returning to our main story, the haitian government's has estimated that they will lead to $11.5 billion to rebuild the country following the devastating earthquake in january. i am joined by a spokesperson for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. thank you for being with us. an enormous sum of money that they will never get, will they? >> the construction altogether, the figure will staying -- stand between a billion and 14 billion at the end. the united nations are already out to $1.4 billion, but
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unfortunately we have not received a total of what we have requested. the international community must remain in a solidarity mindset. this is very important. >> that is all very well, but this is my point. if the un cannot even reach $1.4 billion, what is the point in asking for $12 billion? >> at the very beginning the united nations was very well funded. we got almost 10% in the first month. but now that the news is not being broken in more, things are slowing down. we must take this state of mind of the member states, bilateral
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and the international community must be on board to rebuild this country, building a back much better. >> is there not a problem here? the $12 billion referred to is beyond reconstructing what was lost, beyond rebuilding those buildings that were shattered, they're going for a much longer- term goal, not for dick to early there on these other countries -- not particularly fair for these other countries to carry that burden. >> haiti has always been in a state of emergency. we call it a silent emergency. we lost many appeals for this country last year. nell is time to think about the future of this country. the time to eradicate poverty in the country.
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most of the people live on the poverty line with less than $1 per day. an unbearable situation. let's use this disaster to rebuild the country. we are asking all donors around the world in un member states to be on board. >> we have to leave it there, thank you. this is "gmt." celebrating st. patrick's day, is the economic crisis in ireland leading to a new generation of immigrants? the british union, preparing to strike a dispute with british airways, turning to its american counterpart for support. the united union -- their cabin
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crew is fighting a pay freeze and changes to working conditions. teamsters said they will stay in solidarity, but it is not clear what part they will play in the strike. you hadn't free u.s. airways has condemned the meeting. >> the cabin crew representatives are having talks with their counterparts. for now, united is playing down the meeting. just talking with officials, they said, to explain the background of the pursuit. the aide says that is an unjustified strike against the iconic british brand. the opposition in the uk said the they were pulling out all the stops to prevent british airways from flying.
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it is not clear what power the teamsters have to force a strike. in a statement their affiliates around the world mobilized to support workers in what they described as their flight for passenger safety. the dispute centers around a plan to reduce staffing levels. united has called seven days of striking action. counseling most of their flights by in-flight base, they hoped to carry about 60% of the book passengers. if overseas unions involved, the plan to be frustrated. -- could be frustrated. >> this is "gmt." main headlines -- the haitian government says that it will cost more than $11 billion to
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rebuild following the devastating earthquake in january. the president of mexico calls on the united states to help in the battle against violent drug traffickers. st. patrick's day today, across the globe irish will be celebrating their roots in carnival's in pubs. likely to be a big party in new zealand, where the immigrants are gathering in record numbers. america still a popular choice. immigration is being driven by the recession and high unemployment, which has risen to 12.5%. joining me right now is the editor of a global irish community website. thank you for being with us. this is quite a turnaround.
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>> yes, when the good times came and the catholic tiger was part of the irish landscape, thousands of people from the world came home. many people see themselves as temporary immigrants, moving when times are bad, coming back when times are good. this has been a pattern since 1921. unfortunately, history is repeating itself. the difference this time is that many of these immigrants are highly educated, providing the highly educated work force. unfortunately they now have nowhere to go in ireland. >> does that present a problem for ireland? talking about a brain drain, those of the people you need to lift the country out of recession when the time comes. >> absolutely, it is a problem
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this time. previous waves have been from the west. sons and daughters, of small farmers. this time we're seeing upper- class people, the kinds of people that the country needs to rebuild. here in america we are seeing particular groups of people coming to america to work on wall street and law firms. professional organizations are reporting huge numbers joining them. those are exactly the kind of people you'd want in an economy coming back from an economic setback. >> hagel welcome are these emigrants in america? boston? >> it depends on if you are legal or illegal. if you are legal, you are very welcome. many of the more traditional immigrants are mostly the legal, they have a tough time, they are part of the great debate over here about what to do with the
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10 million undocumented, which is a tough debate right now. they are not coming over at a particularly good time, unfortunately. >> thank you. a controversial television documentary is to be screened in france today, showing people taking part in what they think is a game show but administering almost illegal amounts of electrical shocks to their contestants. it was developed by producers who wanted to see how many people would act against their principles when instructed by a television host. >> an experiment to test just how far contestants would go when they thought they were taking part in a television reality show. in this program participants were told by their host to
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deliver massive electric shocks to eliminate rival players. the land in the chair is an actor, but this contestant doesn't know that's the chair is not connected. shocking, but the program maker says that it illustrates the dangers of extreme television. >> you are in a game, because of that mind-set you can get people to do absolutely anything. the boundary between reality and fiction disappears. even if your partner screams thfor you to stop, you are still in the game. >> 82% of contestants agreed to inflict what they thought were near fatal electroshocks to their opponents. believing they were on television, they behaved in a way they never would have in
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everyday life. proving that the power of television makes individuals just a little bit more willing to go a bit further. >> now for something altogether different, single japanese women are no rarity. only two-thirds of women under 35 have boyfriends or husbands. for some women, this is not by choice. they are taking matters into their own hands to catch themselves and men. we went to a husband hunting school in tokyo. let's for those struggling to find mr. right, help is at hand. at this school single women are taught the skills to snare a husband. even the precise angle at which about two his parents for the first time. practice makes perfect when it comes to impressing. >> i never thought that my
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boyfriend's mother could play such a big role and must rely me. i was only focused on my boyfriend, but now i need to focus on my future in-laws. >> marriage hunting has become a buzzword in japan, and a good business. these days one-third of women under 35 are single. >> before, people would find it easy to get married. families in the society would connect in some way. nowadays people i've to many choices and cannot seem to make up their mind. >> male instructors are on hand to help the students. all of this coaching does not come cheap. the school charges an annual fee of more than two dozen dollars. a price worth paying, according to some, to find a good husband. >> i am looking for a man that does that as we to live with his parents, makes $100,000 every
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year, and takes care of me. >> cooking japanese food, serving it in an elegant manner. before a big date, servants can -- students can practice with a member of the staff. >> i got 75 points out of a hundred, a good overall. but there was a moment where we fell silent and that was considered negative. >> the school also offers classes four men, but there were few takers. from matchmaking services to single to parties, women seem more eager than men. >> i am sure that you got your own you -- your own views on that story. follow what we are working on on our facebook page, you can contribute with comments on the
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stories of the day. on this edition of "gmt" we were told that between $8,000,000,000.1115132444 dollars would ultimately be needed to rebuild haiti, but that so far the u.n. is still quite far from reaching its current fund-raising challenges of 1.4 million -- $1.4 billion. she sees this as a chance to address the long-term problems of the country. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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